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Yoga Programs Alo Moves and Yoga with Adriene

Yoga Programs Alo Moves

In most situations, chronic pain can be manageable, and coping strategies can be developed; however, it requires some practice.

Chronic pain is normally accompanied by numerous distressing symptoms such as soreness, stiffness, stress, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, general discomfort, and much more.

Yoga is considered a softer and pain-free approach to training. Thus, when searching for a comfortable training regime that can address chronic pain, – yoga can be the right call.

Designing training programs for chronic pain conditions may require a different mindset and professional guidance. Also, instructors’ qualifications in the field should include knowledge and experience of working with people in different health conditions.

Yoga Programs Alo Moves for Chronic Pain Management

Alo Moves

This is one of the most popular home-based yoga programs that address chronic pain management. The program is nicely designed and easy to use. Classes offered cover many aspects and methods of training—also directly focus on different health states, like a suggested osteoporosis training routine.

Furthermore, orthopedic injuries or other biomechanical health issues are addressed like Runners’ knee, with exercises focus on the IT band and hip abductors movement.

Other series of training like mobility, fitness, and mindfulness can be found in the Alo Moves training program.

Plans offered at $20/month (2 weeks free trial) or $9/month (1-year – full access total payment $100).


This is an online program that also has programs that focus on chronic pain conditions. YogaDownload is a leading platform that offers video and audio yoga classes. Also, options like streaming videos offline or download them to any device are available.

With different subscription options and various classes, this site can be a real key to home-based yoga practice. Music lovers must also ensure to choose from the full range of yoga tunes.

More information about YogaDownload:

  • You can select videos according to intensity and duration from 5 to 80 min.
  • Aside from video classes, audio classes are available – mindfulness and guided meditation.
  • The simplicity of this yoga program can make ease and help with chronic pain symptoms.

Plans offered at $12/month or $10/month (1-year full access) – 

50% Off Monthly Elite Online Yoga Packages – Code YDL-50ME

Yoga with Adriene

This is one of the most renowned yoga programs for chronic pain. Chronic pain may have a severe impact on the mind-body connection. However, this yoga program can find many free yoga lessons that focus on shifting back toward better mental and physical states.

Yoga with Adrienne (for chronic pain) offers a 25 min practice that can be performed on a mat or seated in a chair. This gentle yoga practice can help to identify the importance of yoga practice in chronic health conditions.

More information about Yoga with Adriene:

  • Adriene offers free videos on her YouTube channel.
  • Daily newsletter with a short sweet message and a free video practice.
  • Her Calendar is her accommodating to supporting one’s busy schedule so you can just be creative in how you build your yoga practice.
  • calendar for members where offers meditation as well.

Available courses and prices.

Yoga International

This is another well-known home-based program that works for chronic pain. Each session starts with deep relaxation techniques and combines gentle yoga poses with conscious breathing.

Physical movement is learned early in training as well as various other techniques. The Level and quality of teachers are worth mentioning – a large arsenal of highly professional yoga instructors.

$19.99/month or $119.88 (1-year full access)

14 days of a free trial