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The Problem:

We humans may have lost the basic knowledge, which has been learned and practiced since our existence, such as taking care of the incredible machine we received – our body. Poor nutrition is one of the major, if not the most important, causes of illness and death. Today, our health is controlled by the power of food companies, whose care mostly about their profit. Thus, our food became efficient and profitable rather than nutritious and quality.


One interesting example of the bad nutrition that developed in western society is white bread, which is made from white flour. The white flour and white bread are products of the Industrial Revolution, the development of machines and new production processes led to a new type of bread. Much of the nutritional values within the white bread were lost in the processes of its production.

We lost the touch – between hand and mouth and between the baker’s hand and our mouth. Something went wrong on the way from the grain of wheat to our sandwich. Technology has kept us away from our sources. For food companies, white bread is a useful product. Its preparation and baking time are a few minutes compared to long hours of traditional bread baking techniques. And not only that, its shelf life is longer, one of the significant factors for food companies, retailers, and retail chains. Efficiency kept us away from health.

In recent years, the truth about white flour has been revealed, and we learned that white bread is a product with very little nutritional values. In economic terms, this food can lead to disease development, which might burden the health system.

Possible solution:

Technology has gotten us into this mess, and technology is also the solution. A possible solution is a cooperation with food corporations, and in turn, the companies need incentives. An example of an incentive is labels and food markings such as the stickers or sugar teaspoon markings on products.

This creative visual marking can mediate people’s choice, a necessary label that exhibited the ingredients we consumed. This solution is not perfect and has a long way to go. Still, it had brought about change even before it started.

Along with the change in food manufacturers, we need to change food consumers’ education and teach consciousness eating methods. In France, which ranks 2nd in the world in its food quality, a lunch break is a lesson. The children are explained what they are eating, and lunch turns into a practical course for life. From Michael Moore‘s documentary – Where to invade next – When you think about it – is there anything logical or more important to teach than nutrition in schools?

Another simple and simple change of consciousness is the change of the Ministry of Health’s name to the Ministry of Nutrition and Health. By doing so, it is providing a central and more important place for nutrition.


We can recall the image of a pregnant woman smoking on a plane to recognize two things. The first is the movement of humanity’s progress is done in small steps of trial and error. To us, it may sometimes seem like a slow change, but in the light of history, the changes are rapid and numerous. The second thing is that most of the things we do not know. If we think we are so smart as a human society and have already understood and solved everything, then the majority do not know. Tomorrow we may find out that clothespins are the main cause of prostate cancer or that chestnuts are the cure for dementia; we can not take anything for granted but always strive to be better, smarter, and more nutritious.