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Why we all need to try new things – or why not.

There are plenty of reasons why not to change anything and to continue with our everyday routine:

1) Fear that our new thing/practice/habit would redefine us in the eyes of other people. What are people going to say about me?

2) More effort – our lives are busy anyway, and any additional commitments would have an opposite effect on our personal experience.

3) Overall, I am happy with my life – why change?

The third reason may hit the exact point of why we all need in some way to pull our dreams out of the drawer and choose to accomplish some. Maintaining a constant routine at the same pace and with similar practices does not have a good effect on personal development. According to IBM, growth and comfort don’t coexist. In psychology, the term used to describe the feeling of leaving our comfort zone is called growing pains, just like during the adolescent years, yet the pain is mental, and it represents personal development.

Then Say Yes!

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The flow or the potential within us requires constant challenge and feedback. One way to increase our flow is to experiment. For example, make a list of things that you want to accomplish, pick 1 item, and test your experience. Be transparent and tell people around you about your plans; it creates an unwritten commitment. Each challenge should have a specific start and end date so that there is a recovery phase that signifies the finish line of each challenge.

Trying new things puts us at point zero – a mental state in which none of us would feel comfortable.

However, it also creates a mindset that everything experienced which may become memorable requires cognitive effort. There is a strong association between younger ages and trying new things. Thus, if you want to increase your exposure to new things, you need to connect with the younger generation – ask for their advice and even hire some young workers. An Alibaba CEO once said, “In your 20s go crazy, be wild, and act like there is no tomorrow – yet follow a good boss – if you make it at that age, it will be significant. In your 30s, become an expert in your field with fewer risk-taking actions. In your 40s, forget what you know, hire younger people, and let them do the job.”

Our main point – being in a constant state of motion, even just a mental one, keeps us young and fresh, not to mention the diverse people that we meet along the way.

Say YES to new things.

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