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Move your local economy

Talent is all around us, and we need to search for it more. Talent or human energy is not replaceable. When people are asked to rank their level of ability or skill to perform a particular task, the majority of people will place a high value in favor of successful performance, which is a good thing. It means that, in general, we consider ourselves talented enough to engage with a given task properly.

Those who showed higher expectations regarding future performance also demonstrated improved performance. Thus, creating a suitable environment for an individual to succeed may affect overall performance, which shows that the control over the performance of others is also dependent on us.

If you consider yourself a talented individual, then most likely your surroundings and close friends reflect the same values. We tend to gather and assimilate with those with whom we feel a sense of belonging and similarities. Thus, taking the information together, in our little world, the resources for success in life are perhaps right in front of us, and we may not be aware of it.

move your local economy

To examine such a suggestion, I looked on my list of close friends and realized that, indeed, the talent is under my radar and closer than imagined; the results were surprisingly amazing. One friend is working in IT, one is dealing with economics and statistics, one is a medical doctor, one is specialized in human anatomy, one is a sports coach, one is an artist, one is a medical clown, one is a yoga instructor, one is a mechanical engineer, one is a lawyer, one is working in marketing, one is simply a genius who still leaves with his mom, and the list goes on.

Recognize high quality.

Recognizing this seriously high quality and diverse arsenal of human talent and resources that is readily available to us, along with understanding the needs and requirements for the individual to maximize his/her potential for personal development, I felt a certain control over the process.

People tend to say that generation Y is lazy, confused, and lacking in direction. Yet, I argue that some of them are simply overqualified with a greater sense of finding meaning and balance in the relationship between work, family, and social life. Again, identifying these qualities allows us to move and affect the small and local economies. Hire and use services as much as you can – even for trivial matters, give opportunities for people to work, and meet interesting individuals on the way – move your small world economy.

Use your available resources

Sometimes change does not necessarily require having a bombarding impact but, instead, can be local and practical. The point is to use your available resources and contribute more by being involved in these actions. Use your friends and promote their personal development.

Living in a big city like NYC is an excellent example of how to make a local impact in such a large economy. Whatever service you wish for in NYC it is available and arrives at your door – fixing services, deliveries, food, etc. Economists predict that soon most of us will have to change our jobs and professions every 10 years. Thus, individuals who are making a living by providing various services are also strengthening their abilities to adapt to the world-changing economy, and we should support that.

Support and build your community. It makes a difference!