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Lihi is ranked as one of the world’s best goalball players due to her exceptional athletic abilities and performance in the game. Her ball throw strokes are extremely fast and can barely be stopped. Also, she demonstrates excellent leadership qualities and a deep understanding of the game’s tactics, which allow her to be successful in the sport.

However, getting to know this individual on a personal level reveals the real reasons for her success. Her achievement is all connected to outstanding cognitive abilities, highly developed emotional intelligence, and exceptional sports discipline behavior.

Work Ethic

You know those people that would work for free because they believe in what they do. Yeah, that is right! Paralympic athletes, no different than other professional athletes, train 6/7 days a week. In addition to training as an elite-level athlete, in her spare time, Lihi is involved in many sports projects such as coaching goalball for youth and mature individuals with a visual impairment. Training the body is not enough for Lihi; she is also developing her career in education. Thus, on top of everything, Lihi is a physical education student at The Academic College in Wingate, Israel.

Emotional and Cognitive Intelligence

Be humble and let live is the motto that follows Lihi’s behavior; most likely, it happens subconsciously. It is hard to associate Lihi as an individual with a disability because she is capable of achieving and experiencing the same as any other individual and probably to a more considerable extent. This is simply because she is a smart, sensitive, and emotionally considerate person.

Loss or impairment in visual ability induces an individual’s cognitive and motor performance to rely on other senses such as the auditory and tactile senses. Thus, visual loss or impairment challenges the brain to learn to compensate for the loss of visual input and translating the incoming information from other senses is a crucial developmental mechanism. Thus, higher cognitive abilities can surely promote better learning, and, as a consequence, such abilities can improve the quality of life of individuals with visual impairments.

Spiritual Wellness

Acknowledging, appreciating, and accepting life as it is can lead to a more complete state of internal peace. Additionally, having a deeper connection to other external sources of energy would lead to experiencing life with a more perfect unity of mind and body.

Not too many people can demonstrate a balanced spiritual and mental state in the years of their early 20s. Interestingly, Lihi, at the age of 23, exhibits mature personality traits and constant spiritual growth. The ability to achieve such a balanced mental and physical state might be due to her strong beliefs and ethical values derived from religion and the sports world.

Coping with a disability makes you mentally stronger due to challenges and the new or existing situation’s grounded perspective. However, having other tools and strategies and developing a healthy mindset are also critical.

Tokyo 2021

The Israeli Paralympic goalball women’s team is preparing for the Paralympic games which will be held in Tokyo 2021. The Israeli team is one of the favorites to win or qualify to higher levels in the tournament. Results from this year’s major competitions reveal a solid team with excellent dynamics among the players and between the coaches and the players.

A note about the importance of professional coaches and the personal characteristics of other teams – This year, the Israeli team has built an arsenal of powerful coaches and instructors. In addition to the tremendous experience of the head coach Raz Shoham, there is also the primary coach of the team, Vered Avnaim. Vered is the type of coach that brings both energy and knowledge and combines it all in one team. It is, therefore, no wonder the dynamics in practices and on the court of the Israeli team have developed in such a smooth and coherent manner, enabling them to maximize their potential to grow as a team.