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Million Americans have already adopted the Total Immersion (TI) swimming technique and quickly learn to swim correctly. Also, significant lifestyle modification is evident in those that practice the TI Swimming

There are numerous strategies to practice physical activity, such as to achieve weight control and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Swimming is one of the favorites and used methods of exercise training.

Often, individuals start and participate in training programs that may not be suitable for their level of fitness, which, if not applied correctly, can lead to significant injuries.


Swimming is a prevalent and useful form of physical activity, precisely the front crawl/freestyle swimming technique.  

Many health benefits are associated with freestyle swimming as an adequate fitness improvement. 

One specific area that swimming shows advantages over other training platforms is the reduced risk of injuries.

Front Crawl/ Freestyle Swimming – Best Strategy for Lifestyle Modification

This a great idea for those who would like to transform their training routines and to become extremely fit and hopefully healthier.  

1) Less stress on major joints – 

body weight underwater is estimated as only 10% out of the weight on land; thus, there is no or less pressure on the joints. 

As mentioned above, those who return to training in a deconditioning state would be at a higher risk for injuries. Swimming can solve this issue. 

2) Training is not limited by excess body weight

Extra body weight can be a limiting factor to training, and such can cause increased pressure on the joints when practicing on land. Again swimming solves this issue. 

3) Full Body Workout 

Freestyle swimming requires multiple muscle recruitment, coordination, and activation. As a result, the entire body is experiencing a high-intensity workout environment as well as high energy expenditure (more than 400 Kcal in half an hour swimming workout).

Learn the Technique – Learn TI  

Most people find swimming as a challenging and demanding workout routine. Yet, that case can be changed if the right technique is used and learned correctly. 

Swimming is good at any age and in any physical and cognitive conditions. Also, swimming was found to be a fun activity and to promote well-being.   

Swimming is a sport of technique, and if learning occurs, the swim becomes truly enjoyable. Some describe it as good as a massage on the body. When swimming becomes the choice of training method together with it, a new world can be discovered.