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Rock Steady Boxing is a non-contact training program developed for Parkinson’s disease patients that combines the sport of boxing and other motor movements. In training, balance, strength, agility, and mostly boxing moves and actions are practiced. It is a successful method of adaptive training, and today there are over 900 Rock Steady Boxing programs around the world.

The experience of entering a boxing gym space evokes the inner warrior from within the participants. In the gym, patients are no longer incapable and vulnerable, but, instead, they become fighters who can manage their health conditions. Vigorous exercise is recommended for at least 3 hours per week, and physical activity has been found to significantly improve the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Fight back against Parkinson’s disease by gaining the benefits of exercise training, social and emotional support, and cognitive enhancement. Physical activity is a valuable tool for neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease; it is a method that not only affects and improves the musculoskeletal system but also changes brain function. Neuroplasticity is developed by introducing patients to new movements such as the ones that exist in the boxing world. In Parkinson’s disease patients agility, balance, strength, flexibility, perception, and action of the motor system are shown to improve by participating in the Rock Steady Boxing program.

For those with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions, the sense of independence is priceless, and gaining such qualities is desired. It is an excellent idea to step out of regular physiotherapy treatment routines and to try new activities. The new skills require the brain to work harder and to make new motor connections along with other improvements in fitness and physical health characteristics.

Not everyone would feel comfortable in their health conditions to test adaptive boxing training, yet, instructors are qualified individuals in delivering modified exercise with a deep knowledge of Parkinson’s disease. With all that being said, it is crucial to consult with a neurologist to clear other risk factors before starting any training program.

Programs available in NYC:

  1. Rock Steady Boxing NYC – 3319 Avenue N #2, Brooklyn, NY 11234
  2. N.Y. West County625 Fifth Avenue Pelham, N.Y. 10803
  3. ManhattanThrowdown 3 E 17 Street, NY
  4. Living Well Balanced113 W 78th St New York, NY 10024