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We interviewed 50 athletes from 6 major sports fields and asked them to rank and select their choice of workout headphones. Variables considered were comfort, style, sound quality, and overall performance. Advanced technical elements and other special features were not measured. Our advice is based on a quick survey that focuses on everyday functionality and brand association.


1) Track and Field Athletes (n=8) – Beats Solo 3

Comfort, bass quality, and battery life were ranked high in the Beat Solo 3 wireless headphones. Track athletes remarked the headphones’ endurance to withstand sprints and agility training and to stay appropriately on the ears.

2) Dancers (n=12) – Marshall Major III

Style and brand association were ranked high in the Marshall Major III on-ear design. Athletes noted the exceptional design and comfort on the ears.


3) Goalball – Visually Impaired Athletes (n=10) – LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7

The neckband assists to quickly locate and access the device buttons. Goalball athletes describe the google assistant button as a useful feature that helps in operating calls, messages, and other apps.



4) Soccer (n=9) – Sony WH-XB900N

Prolonged and frequent traveling routine was the reason for selecting the Sony headphones that are designed with noise-canceling and extra bass features.


5) Cyclists  (n=8) РPowerbeats Pro

Battery life and sound quality were ranked high among cyclists. The Powerbeats Pro easily connects to all Apple devices.



6) Everyday Runners (n=12) – Apple AirPod

Functionality, design, and comfort were the variables used to explain the reason for selecting the newest AirPods., These were also ranked first in terms of everyday functionality and comfort.