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The use of technology with the practice of inclusive design mindset provides accessible and stylish products for all people, including those with physical and mental capabilities to achieve well-being.

There always room to improve the life quality of many people. For example, tasks that may seem trivial to abled body individuals might not be that easy for an individual with disability.

Focusing the mindset of the product’s design on the user itself assists in developing better interaction and optimal performance.

Often mental distress and anxiety can cause discontinuing of one’s used to do loved activities due to the inability to cope with the current conditions.

However, to solve such significant issues and to improve individuals’ life, it can be achieved by a unique product design that adopted the way of thinking out of the box.

These products promote well-being by using destress methods, increasing sleep quality, and improving overall focus.

1) Mendi: Real Brain Training – Anytime, Anywhere: 

Strengthen your brain for improved mental well-being, performance & overall health.

2) Braindex, world’s first consumer-ready brainwave stimulator: 

Sleep better, de-stress, boost concentration, and even prevent fatal illness.

3) Hapbee – Choose How You Feel: 

Hapbee (“Happy”) is the first wearable that lets you feel calm, alert, focused, or sleepy on command.

4) NeoRhythm. Breakthrough in brain science: 

Sleep better, de-stress, and boost energy with this next-generation gesture-controlled headband.

5) Kailo – The Future of Pain Relief: 

Nanotech bio-antenna that interacts with electrical signals in your body, naturally relieving pain.