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Adaptive Mind and Body 

Recognize high quality

Recognizing the seriously high quality and diverse arsenal of human talent that existed around us, along with understanding the needs and requirements for the individual to maximize his/her potential for personal development, we can feel a certain control over the process. 

The goal of Acceptance Psychology is to provide greater flexibility in the process of being satisfied with one’s current self. 


  • To inspire personal growth 
  • To increase knowledge and development 
  • To increase internal motivation 
6 dimensions to wellness

Six Dimensions of Wellness

We based our store on different health and wellness models to mainly redefine for ourselves the process for personal growth. It will great to share it with others. 

Adaptive mind and body

Adaptive Mind and Body

Our mission to approach and mediate social, psychological, and physical constraints and to discuss abilities, capabilities, and skills rather than disabilities. 

Our Blog

We aim to represent the positive and successful stories of life. Specifically, to demonstrate that ability is an acquired method that all can achieve. ​We discuss mental and physical chronic health conditions to provide awareness, prevention, and management strategies have a keen interest in sports science & nutrition and its effect on health, wellness, personal growth, and cognitive maturity.

About Us

The iAble-Team consists of health professionals from various academic disciplines with multiple views on the concept of health and wellness. Our Shop attempts to represent our personal knowledge in the health industry and to connect it to the concept of well-being through the use of art, fashion, design, and other related products. Overall, we try to integrate science and the spiritual mind by selecting products that in our option can provide tools, ideas, stories, and functional approaches to be able to do more.